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Helping You To Recycle Tyres and Save Money

Texane will take your used wheels and remove the worn tyre. The hub will then be cleaned and prepared for retyring. Texane has specialist expertise in recycling your tyres and wheels, saving you money.

Recycling your wheel units is the smartest way to make significant cost savings to your business.

Polyurethane wheels before and after recycling

A Wheel Before and After Recycling

A specially developed Texane solid tyre, stronger, tougher, resistant to cuts, tears, oils and chemicals, will then be moulded to the refurbished hub. Texane tyres are acknowledged by our customers to last longer than any other tyre, even in the harshest environments.

Manufacturing a metal wheel hub is an energy intensive process. It involves mining metal ores, smelting them in industrial foundries and shipping them around the world. Multiple hub recycling not only significantly brings down your costs it also ensures you lower your businesses carbon footprint by promoting sustainability.

Texane - Your Refurbishment Solution

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Solid Polyurethane Wheel
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